Karl Reiner

1070 Vienna, Lindengasse 56 M: +43 664 243 4372

Spatial planner, has been working as a consultant at ÖAR GmbH since 1988.
Accredited examiner/auditor for: Austrian eco-label, Green Globe Certification, Green Star, TourCert, Green Destinations.

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Selected References

Tourism concepts: e.g. Bianska Stiavnica/Slovakia (CP: Pro4CE Bratislav); Networking St. Martin's Therme & Lodge, etc.

Cycling tourism: e.g. development of bike tourism offers, EV9 Thermeradweg/Wiener Neustädter Canal, visitor management system for the Marchradweg, Polt bike route Pulkautal, cycle path network Albania, e-bike route Moststraße, etc.

Cross-country skiing: e.g. management system NÖ (CP: Socher mit e), optimization winter/cross-country skiing offer Hochrindl, Annaberg, Lackenhof (CP: Dr. Werner Schwarz), etc.

Feasibility studies: e.g. castle ruins of Kirchschlag, Museum Centre Laa/Thaya, Adventure World Staatz, Pielachtal Theme Park, etc.

Competitions: e.g. sports competitions in Lower Austria, eco-friendly travel in Europe, NETS Award

Sustainable mobility: e.g. mobility concept natural park region Ötscher-Tormäuer, strategy paper Sustainability and Mobility of Upper Austria (CP: Futour), Transdanube-Sustainable Mobility and Tourism Development in the Danube Region (CP: verracon)

Regional/site development/community cooperation: e.g. AlpsPlur – Certification System Social Area. Planning for municipalities, development opportunity wine cellar in southern Burgenland, inter-municipal development and planning tools for Burgenland, A5-Nord Economic Area, study " Koralmbahn – regional impacts and site development (CP: Im-plan-tat), etc.

Evaluation/Monitoring: e.g. impact monitoring and evaluation of culinary network, monitorization of sports badge/sports initiatives for popular sports.

International/Cross-Border: e.g. Mountain Territory Strategy Georgia, Implementation of Tourism Law Albania, RECOM SK-AT, RECOM HU-AT, Sustainable Tourism and Regional Development Northern Montenegro, etc.

EU programming/evaluation/monitoring: e.g. network cuisine, evaluation of culinary initiatives, evaluation of sports badges/sports initiatives for grassroots sports, programming OP ETC(European Territorial Cooperation) AT-CZ 2014-2020, etc.

Board member, long-term partner of the European expert network -ECOTRANS and Club Tourism

(CP = cooperation partner)

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DI Karl Reiner

Consulting Priorities

  • Regional & Site Development/Inter-municipal cooperation
  • Tourism development: integrated tourism guides, offer and product development (cycling tourism, winter tourism), visitor management, tourist control systems, feasibility studies
  • Sustainability in tourism: mobility & tourism; sustainability advice, development protected areas, auditor for sustainability certificates in tourism (Austrian eco-label, Green Globe, GreenStar, TourCert)
  • EU programming and evaluation
  • Project management/project development and coaching
  • Organising and moderating specialist events, excursions and competitions

Education and training

Studied spatial planning and organization at the Vienna University of Technology.
Education as a bookseller.
Research Year Federal Institute of Less Favoured Mountains.
Certified management consultant.
Training in project management, systemic consulting, rhetorical communication, moderation.
Training Coaching for Executives (coaching.at), Instruction Course in Organizational Development, Capacity Works (GIZ), Working Management Coaching (AB Coaching).
Training as a Consultant and Auditor for several international certification systems for hotels, tour operators and tourist destinations (TourCert, Green Globe, Green Destinations)

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