Leo Baumfeld

1070 Vienna, Lindengasse 56 M: +43 664 431 7302

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Selected References

Market-place of generations, support for communities in demographic change, Germany

Development of a Local Development Strategy of the LAG in Northern Burgenland and for the funding period 2014 to 2020

Senior policy workshop discussions, on the topics of forms of housing and care for the elderly local senior policy, elderly people participation, Germany

Team accompaniment TPI (Theological Pastoral Institute of the Dioceses of Mainz, Limburg, Trier and Fulda). Team coaching and counselling; Germany

Strategy development and introduction of modified Balanced Scorecard in the TMG operating settlement OÖ

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Leo Baumfeld

Consulting Priorities

  • Develop and adaptation of new management and quality tools for directing complex organisations
  • Organizational advice for regional service facilities, administrative units and companies
  • Advising organisations and intermediary companies on strategy development, implementation and its consolidation
  • Advising and accompanying LEADER Action Groups on the development of their strategy concepts
  • Advice and support for program developments and management, as well as consolidation of program organisations
  • Training and further education of consultants, regional managers, network managers

Education and training

High school in Schlierbach, 4 years of book printer apprenticeship.
One-year in-service training as an organisational developer at Fritz Glasl (Trigon development advice).
Seminars on systemic organizational counseling, theatre education

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