Impulses for people,
places and regions!

Impulses for people,<br>places and regions!

Preparing organisations and
cooperation systems
for uncertain futures!

Preparing organisations and<br>cooperation systems<br>for uncertain futures!

Monitoring and evaluation,
key to continued success!

Monitoring and evaluation,<br>key to continued success!

Regions, Spaces
& Places

Each region, each place is characterized by social relationships whose cracks and shifts propel societal transformation. ÖAR GmbH helps you to decipher and to shape these patterns for the sake of common well-being.


Evaluation & Impacts

Have we achieved our goals? What is it that we have actually achieved? As trivial as these questions may sound, it is worthwhile to face them in earnest. Without knowing the effects of our projects, we’ll miss out on learning and getting better. ÖAR GmbH helps you to get prepared for tricky decisions.


Organisations & Cooperation Systems

Organisations keep producing added value if they embrace change and skilfully practice the art of cooperation. ÖAR GmbH accompanies you on this future-oriented journey.


mobilises the potential in people, companies, organisations, municipalities, regions and other cooperation systems

develops, advises and accompanies you on your journey towards renewal and transformation

… and supports you with the knowledge and professional skills of our seasoned consultants in the three competence fields
Regions, Spaces and Places
Organisations & Cooperation Systems
Evaluation & Impacts

… is a company co-owned by its consultants

per year
93 Countries

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Being aware of the unique features of regions and places and the according development opportunities, we support you to generate ideas and to implement change projects. We connect the local, regional and transnational perspectives – from a specific village or town up to the EU.


In our support to adaptive change and beneficial cooperation processes we put our experience at the service of our customers’ goals – all the way from initial counselling to efficient implementation.


Always ready to break new ground, we create tools and apply innovative methods of consulting and communication. We connect theoretical and practical know-how, academia with management, advanced technologies with tacit skills and embedded knowledge.


In our quest to contribute to a common future we really want to live in, we search for integrative solutions in which social, environmental and economic interests are taken into account and harnessed in well-balanced ways.


Using our manifold backgrounds and experiences for connecting different cultures, we provide consultancy services to policy makers, public administrations, non-profit organisations and business enterprises in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.


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