Hermann Gigler

8020 Graz, Tyroltgasse 16 M: +43 676 72 180 72

ÖAR senior consultant since 1990 with focus on local and regional development as well as sustainable tourism development.

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Selected References

Evaluation of Federal Government Environmental Funding 2014-2016

„Give The City A Face! „ Development concept for the renewal of the historical Old Town of Eisenerz

Action plan to secure and revitalize local town centres and inner cities (CP: balloon architecture ZT-KG)

Feasibility study for marketing measures in the Nature Park Südsteiermark

White Paper for “Local Town Centres”, Master Plans of the cities of Hartberg, Bruck/Mur, Bad Radkersburg (CP: sixpack +)

Development and process support for the development of "Local Development Strategies" for various LEADER Action Groups in Styria and Carinthia

Regional development program of Zentralraum Steiermark (Central Area of Styria) (CP: Regionalentwicklung.at)

Development and process support "Regional development policy of Eastern Styria" (CP: Institut für Systemische Entwicklung)

Brand development Schilcherland and regional implementation of quality brands

EQUITY SI-AT, Quality of Life for people with disabilities in sports and leisure (cross-border ETZ project)

Pilgrimage Europe SI-AT, design, consultation and process support of a cross-border ETZ project

(CP = cooperation partner)

VCF Card

Hermann Gigler, MA

Consulting Priorities

  • Concept design and implementation of collaborative and participatory development processes
  • Regional economical development concepts, development strategies and guidelines.
  • Brand strategy, regional identity and positioning; Implementation of (regional) umbrella brands and quality labels
  • Guidelines and positioning for regions and municipalities
  • Urban and village development and renewal, local agenda
  • Building collaborations, cooperation and networks
  • Feasibility studies and development of marketing and sales cooperation
  • Development and consultation of economic and site development projects
  • Feasibility studies, market capability and profitability analyses; regional analyses and potential analyses of regions
  • Conception, development and consultation of tourism projects


Education and training

Secondary College of Business Administration, studied at the University of Graz.
Further education and qualification: Organisational development, systemic counselling, project management, quality management, innovation management, university course of media studies.

And otherwise …

… if time allows, on tour with the bright red VW bus.

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