Newsletter Nr. 47


  • UPDATE Projektmanagement – Alles Neu im Mai! |
  • Trendforum Nachhaltig Reisen |
  • Jahrestagung der Gemeinde- und Organisationsberater*innen der evangelischen Landeskirche Hannover |
  • Crashkurs: Agile Organisationen |
  • HORIZON 2020 – Beteiligung aus den Bundesländern Stand Herbst 2018 |
  • Stop Landflucht – die Mühlviertler Alm will sich nicht länger mit Abwanderung abfinden |

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Regions, Spaces
and Places

Each region, each place is characterized by social relationships whose cracks and shifts propel societal transformation. ÖAR GmbH helps you to decipher and to shape these patterns for the sake of common well-being.


Evaluation & Impacts

Have we achieved our goals? What is it that we have actually achieved? As trivial as these questions may sound, it is worthwhile to face them in earnest. Without knowing the effects of our projects, we’ll miss out on learning and getting better. ÖAR GmbH helps you to get prepared for tricky decisions.


Organisations & Cooperation Systems

Organisations keep producing added value if they embrace change and skilfully practice the art of cooperation. ÖAR GmbH accompanies you on this future-oriented journey.



of ÖAR GmbH

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