Luis Fidlschuster

1070 Vienna, Lindengasse 56 M: +43 699 1139 2411

Since 1988 he has been a consultant and since 2002 a shareholder of ÖAR GmbH. Experience and consulting work, especially in the areas of EU structural policy, multi-level governance, learning & qualification, network development and management as well as marketing and communication.

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Selected References

National Rural Network Austria – National Support Unit for the Austrian Rural Development Programme: Management of the LEADER Networking division

Non-permanent expert for the European Network for Rural Development

Expert of the strategy group of the European Networkfor Leader + (GD AGRI)

Regiosuisse: Strategic advice for networking and exchange of experience for the Swiss network for regional development

New options for action for peripheral rural areas (study)

Working in the steering group to further develop and implement the funding measure "Learning Regions" in the framework of the Austrian Rural Development Program

Specialist events: Network Day and Remote Congress (open-air conference on the future of Austrian regional development), Forum for Regional Innovations (series of events)

Brochures on EU structural policy in Austria

Integration concept for Lower Austria (CP: Intercultural centre)

Study and workshops: Future in the Alps – promoting sustainable development in the Alps

Strategies for regions with population decline (CP: Federal Institute for Mountainous Areas, Rosinak & Partner Ltd)

(CP = cooperation partner)

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Mag. Luis Fidlschuster

Consulting Priorities

  • Network development and buildup of collaborative initiatives
  • EU structural policy
  • Rural Development & Regional Development Concepts
  • Multi-level governance
  • Learning regions
  • Integration and diversity
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Marketing and communication
  • Concepting and organising specialist events

Education and training

Studied Geography (focus: Regional Economic Development) and History at the University of Graz.
Two-year training for marketing management (WIFI Vienna).
Seminars: Regional economic development, systemic regional development, innovation systems for regional economies.
Business journalism, PR planning, internal communication, corporate identity, media relations.
Trained as an business coach and systemic consultant (Vienna Training Academy).

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