Bianca Köllner

60329 Frankfurt am Main, Am Hauptbahnhof 10 M: +49 151 423 129 49

Since 2020 consultant of ÖAR GmbH. Active in the consulting field of organization and cooperation.

Consulting of groups, organizations, networks and cooperations through holistic-systemic interventions in development and transformation processes. Strengthening of individual and collective steering, management and leadership skills. Moderation and process design for strategy, concept development, cooperation, steering & leadership, teambuilding, implementation and learning & innovation.

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Selected References

Project management for the development of a multi-stakeholder network in Bavaria for the promotion of "Corporate Digital Responsibility" in small and medium-sized enterprises (2022, Bayern Innovativ)

Project management for the development of an integrative EU programme for regional, economic and employment promotion in a province of Armenia (2022, Austrian Development Agency, Armenia)

Consulting and moderation of the process "Regional Development Strategy" with local multi-stakeholder participation in a Bavarian district (2020 - 2021, District Office Neustadt an der Aisch - Bad Windsheim)

Process moderation for the development of an interdisciplinary concept and coherent services "Digital Transformation" (2020, GIZ FMB)

Initiation and facilitation of the u.hub.frankfurt for the development of a local community to promote personal and social transformation (2020, u.hub.frankfurt)

Development of strategic options for portfolio development in the field of vocational training and employment in Rwanda (2020, GIZ Rwanda)

Consulting and moderation of an innovation process for the development of new services "Integrative financing for sustainable development" (2020, GIZ GLOBE)

Advising and facilitating of the strategy development process to strengthen knowledge, learning and innovation processes on global and regional level (2020, GIZ ZFD)

Advising and facilitating the group development of six cross-regional teams in Africa (2021, GIZ Africa)

Facilitating of leadership feedbacks and team development processes in the context of agile and co-creative collaboration (2020, 2021, 2022, several GIZ teams)

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Bianca Köllner

Consulting Priorities

  • Co-creation of development processes in multi-stakeholder cooperation
  • Co-shaping of transformative processes
  • Promotion of innovation and learning in organizations
  • Strengthening of self-organisation in teams
  • Strategy and program development on societal level
  • Mentoring of personal growth

Education and Training

Holistic-Systemic organization and cooperation development
Generative Facilitation, Theory U
Human-centred Design, Design Thinking
Genuine Contact
Lean Start-up, Agile Management, Scrum

Main areas of activity

International development cooperation
Shaping Digital Transformation
Multi-stakeholder networks for sustainable development
Labour market & employment, education & learning systems

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