Manfred Kojan

1070 Vienna
Lindengasse 56

+43 664 502 68 97

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Consultancy Specialization

  • EU Programme and project support
    Programme planning, implementation and evaluation of EU-programmes, grant schemes and projects)
  • Co-operations and Clusters
    Intra- and interregional co-operation and co-operation between enterprises
  • Project Management
    project generation / co-ordination of regional development projects
  • Organisation development
    setting up, development and consulting services for regional organisations and enterprises
  • Human resources development
    Training, Coaching
  • Tourism development
    Sustainable regional and tourism development in protected areas


  • University of Economics, Vienna, Austria
    (commercial science, marketing, business administration)
  • University of Surrey, United Kingdom
    (International relations, Business Administration)
  • Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
  • NLP – Neurolinguistische Programmierung (AI NLP, ÖTZ NLP)
  • Projektmanagement (Projektmanagement Austria Institute, GTZ-Capacity WORKS)
  • Coaching


  • German – mother tongue
  • English – excellent
  • Spanish –  excellent
  • French – basics
  • Portuguese – basiscs

Professional Experience

  • ÖAR Regionalberatung GmbH (seit 1992)
  • Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • Project Management Austria Institute
  • Ikarus Consulting


  • Technical Assistance for Kosovo´s Cross-border Cooperation Programmes
    (Kosovo, I/2014-IV/2015), Team Leader
  • Programming Bulgarian IPA CBC Programmes 2014-2020
    (BG, FYROM, TR, SR; XI/2013 – VII/2014), Team Leader, Senior Expert
  • Ex-ante Evaluation and SEA for RO-BG CBC Programme 2014-2020
    (RO, BG; IX/2013 – X/2014), Team Leader and Senior Evaluation Expert
  • Tourism strategy for UNESO city Banska Stiavnica
    (SK, V-XI/2013), Senior Tourism Expert
  • Ex-ante Evaluation and SEA for the Growth and Employment Programme Vorarlberg 2014-2020
    (AT, III-XII/2013), Evaluation Expert
  • Ex-ante Evaluation and SEA for ETC Programme AT-HU 2014-2020
    (AT, HU, III/2013-VI/2014), Team Leader, Evaluation Expert
  • Ex-ante Evaluation and SEA for ETC Programme AT-SK 2014-2020
    (AT, HU, III/2013-VI/2014), Team Leader, Evaluation Expert
  • Self-evaluation of IPA assistance to Regional Economic, SME and Tourism Development
    (BiH, II-VIII/2013), Senior Evaluation Expert
  • REDD Programme – financing sustainable forestation in Central America
    (El Salvador, Belize, XI-XII/2012), Senior Regional Development and Climate Change Expert
  • Regional System analysis of the Austrian –Slovak border region
    (AT, SK, XI/2012-I/2013), Senior Expert
  • Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme
    (Vietnam, VI-XI/2012), Senior Expert, Tourism Planner
  • Programming ETC AT-CZ Programme 2014-2020
    (AT, CZ, VI/2012-XII/2013), Senior Expert, Process Facilitator
  • Technical Assistance to the Transport Operational Programme
    (Croatia, IV-V/2012), Risk Management Expert
  • Project preparation support for IPA CSO Call 2012
    (Austria, III/2012), Senior Expert
  • Final Evaluation SEE-IFA network
    (AT/SEE, II-IV/2012), Team Leader, Evaluator
  • Sustainable tourism and regional development initiatives Vietnam & Cambodia
    (Cambodia, Vietnam, I/2012), Senior Expert
  • Interim Evaluation Small Projects Funds ETC CZ-AT
    (AT, CZ, 2011-2012), Team Leader, Evaluation Expert

  • EU Support to Implementation of Cross- Border programmes under IPA Instrument in Bosnia and Herzegovina, EUCORIN II
    (BiH, 2010-2011), Team Leader
  • Midterm Evaluation INTERACT Program
    (EU various, XII/2010-III/2011), Senior Expert
  • Coaching Regional Development Agency
    (Montenegro, 2010), Senior Expert
  • Assessment of international donor activities in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
    (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, 2009/2010), Senior Expert
  • SEE Project “Danubeparks” (AT, 2008/2009)
    External expert for project preparation, facilitation of partner metings and communication plan
  • Suriname Sustainable Tourism Capacity Building Programme (SUR, 2008-2020)
    Key expert for sustainable tourism development
  • Training at national and regional level for Regional Operational Programme and ETC Programmes implementation in Romania (RO, 2008/2009)
    Team Leader and training expert for implementation of EU Structural Funds Programmes and projects in Romania
  • Tourism and Economic Development in the Northern Mountain region of Montenegro
    (MNE, 2006-2008) Senior Expert and Coach for the Regional Tourism Agency and the RDA
  • Technical Assistance for project preparation and implementation of the Objective 3 CBC Programme Bulgaria – Romania 2007-2013 (BG, RO; 2006/2007)
    Team Leader and senior expert for advising Programme Management and project proponents on CBC Program management, project generation and project preparation issues
  • Evaluation of the PHARE Projects – “Promotion of the cultural, tourist and human resources in the cross-border region BG-GR” (BG, 2006)
    Independent Observer on behalf of the EU Delegation
  • Support for the Programming of the Future Objective 3 Interregional Cooperation Programmes Central European Space 2007-2013 and South-East European Space 2007-2013
    (various EU countries, 2006/2007)
    Senior Expert and Moderator of the programming process of the two interregional ETC Programs
  • Support for participation of Bulgaria in Community Initiative INTERREG III B (CADSES) and INTERREG III C Programs (BG, 2006/2007)
    Team leader and trainer to support the National Authority in communication and project preparation issues
  • Pre-feasibility study for two touristic cableway projects in Kotor
    ME, 2006, Project Director and Team Leader
  • Vidin – Calafat Interregional Study
    BG 2006, Senior expert / Interim Team Leader
  • Ex-ante Evaluation of the National Operational Programme for Regional Development
    BG, 2006, Senior expert
  • Strategic Project Generation in INTERREG Programs
    EU, INTERACT, 2006, Team Leader, Senior expert
  • Ex-ante Evaluation Objective 3 Program Territorial Co-operation Czech Republic – Austria 2007-2013
    CR, AT, 2006; Senior expert
  • Comparative analysis of EU INTERREG IIIA Programs
    EU various, 2005; advisory services for the INTERACT Point Managing Transition
  • Touristic and Economic Development in the Bjelasica & Komovi-Region
    Serbia & Montenegro, 2004-2006; Project Director and Team Leader
  • Tourism Assessment Kelmend
    Albania, 2005;  Senior expert
  • SME Support Initiative
    Mexico , 2004; Consultant and trainer
  • Neighbourhood Programme 2004-2006 Romania – Serbia & Montenegro
    (Romania, 2004) Senior Expert
  • Midterm and on-going Evaluation of the Austrian Interreg IIIA external border Programmes (AT-CZ, AT-SK, AT-HU, AT-SLO)
    Austria (CZ,SK,HU,SLO), 2003-2005; Senior Expert
  • Strategy and Capacity Building for Regional Development in Croatia
    (Croatia, 2003-2005) Deputy Project Director, Senior expert
  • Development of Human Resources of SMEs in Hungary
    HU, 2002-2004; Senior Expert and Trainer
  • Interreg IIIA Slovenia-Hungary-Croatia (SLO, 2004)
    Team Leader
  • Evaluation Interreg III A Österreich
  • Systemische Evaluierung der transnationalen Interreg-Programme Österreichs
  • TA Phare CBC BG-GR
  • Training ungarischer Tourismus Trainer
  • Evaluierung SPF Baltic Space 2000
  • Programmierung Phare CBC CR-AT

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