Potential Analyses and Feasibility Studies

Reveal your chances

With our work we deliver fundamentals for investors, decision makers, project promoters and funding bodies to decide on the stop or go of projects.

In the context of potential analyses we work out the developing potential of a region. We consult about the general chances and the “unburied treasurs of a region”, the positioning and market chances of touristic projects.

A feasibility study gives you profound information, how to implement the project and how it works financially. It gives you a systematic overview and is a good basis for decisions, about:

  • the touristic relevance and the regional impact
  • the economic potential and the strategic positioning
  • the need in ressources with respect to costs, investement, financing and personnel
  • the administratives implementation, especially the structure of operations and the type of trade
  • the strategies to realise the planned project

We also prepare detailled economic forecasts, operational concepts, financial forecasts and implementation plans.

We create potential analyses and feasibility studies for museum, visitor centres, event centres, man-made attractions, cable cars, hotels and historic facilities like for example castles, gardens or railways.

Selected References:

  • Evaluation of culinary initiatives in the Austrian Programm for Rural Development LE07-13, client: BMLFUW, 2015
  • EQUITY SI-AT, ETC Project SI-AT, life quality for persons with handicaps in sports and leisure time, client: Behinderten Selbsthilfegruppe Hartberg, 2014
  • Linking the St. Martins spa & lodge, client: Seewinkel Thermeninfrastruktur GmbH, 2014
  • Feasibility study „Staatz Experience“, castle Staatz , client: municipality of Staatz, 2012
  • Study “Methods to estimate the economic benefit of natura-2000 areas for tourism and employment”, client: EC DG Env, 2011
  • Feasibility study “Cable Car Lovcen and Kotor, Montenegro”, client: Tourism ministry Montenegro, Austrian Development Agency, 2007
  • Study “Role of Tourism for the Development of Rural Areas”, client: BMWA, 2007

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