Social Network Analysis

Making relationship visible

Using the method of social network analysis (SNA) we measure the social capital of a person, an enterprise or even an entire region. Together with our client we find out what kind of relationships should be analysed and assessed, like for example:

  • Project co-operation
  • Participation at local events and initiatives
  • Participation in decision groups
  • Local networks and networks in different fields of business

By using questionnaires, statistical analysis and open source software we visualize the structures and qualities of network relationship.

SNA results are used to optimise the cooperation within networks. We analyse, for example, the communication structure within a company or a region to identify central hubs of communication as flowing communication and the sharing of knowledge is essential for the success of companies and regions. Derived from the empirical results we offer recommandations and network tools to constantly improve the exchange of experience, skills and innovation within business, public and regional networks.

Selected References:

  • Network analysis European region Donau-Moldau (2010-2011), client: Provincial Government of Upper Austria
  • The Research Network of the Region CENTROPE (2009), client: Ecoplus GmbH
  • Network analysis of external relations of Styria (2008), client: Provincial Government of Styria, Austria
  • Innovative energy regions and energy experts, basic research for the competition “Energy Regions of the Future” (2004), client: Austrian Energy Agency, Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

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