Counselling of partnership projects

Courage, flexibility, sensitivity and patience

The most important driving force of co-operation is the chance for innovation. Sticking to the principle „together we are stronger” the partners incorporate their specific strengths and learn from and support each other.

Successful collaboration requires courage, flexibility, sensitivity and patience. The art of co-operation entails the skillful combination of different but complementary competences: trust, transparency, reliability, mediation, solubility and open-minded communication.

We provide services for partnership projects between business, public administration, research and development: from partner search and the common definition of goals up to the sustainable transfer of the project´s results.

Selected References:

  • Planning and implementing the „Meisterwelten Steiermark“ a network of master craftsmen in Styria. Client: Meisterwelten e. Gen. (2012-2014)
  • Feasibility study: „Micro-regions / intermunicipal co-operation in northern Burgenland)“ in association with Plan+Land. Client: LAG nordburgenland plus  (2011-2012)
  • Co-operative innovation management of the Salzburg wood industry (2006-2008), client: wood cluster Salzburg, Austria
  • Local framework concept for a city and surrounding area – cooperation with economic focus, in cooperation with Im-Plan-Tat (2004-2005), client: ARGE Raum Krems
  • Management consulting for business co operations in the field of plastics, IT, water management, mechanical engineering, metal processing, building industry
  • Strategy consulting for a business cooperation in the sawmill industry
  • Qualification consulting for small-and medium companies in Lower Austria

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