Consultancy for Social and Economic Integration 

Creating opportunities

The living together of people from different cultural origin or with different physical or mental preconditions needs special attention.

We are consulting countries, regions, cities and municipalities in questions of integration. Thereby we cooperate with other migration experts such as the Intercultural Centre, the Danube University or the Institute for Conflict Research.

We are working with participative and creative methods to build a future with less conflicts. Therefore we are applying an integration matrix, co-developed by us, to elaborate effective monitoring systems with quality indicators. Through these innovative instruments public decision makers can develop a more balanced understanding of integration.

We facilitate the integration of people with disabilities in all areas of life. We involve the persons concerned and develop innovative models for working ability and recreational activities. We develop barrier-free tourism offers and show companies how to benefit from employing people with disabilities. Furthermore we inform about funding opportunities.

Selected References:

  • Facilitation of process for Integration Concept Lower Austria (2007), client: Intercultural Centre
  • Facilitation of process for Integration Concept and establishment of Integration Partnership Styria (2009), client: Intercultural Centre
  • Facilitation and Consultation for the development of integration strategies for education (Kapfenberg), encounter (Bruck/Mur)  and living (Wiener Neustadt)
  • Consultation of SMEs in Vienna to employ people with disabilities and persons with chronically or psychical illness, client: Public Employment Service Vienna
  • Campaign for sensibilisation and Austrian-wide network project for the establishment of a self-confident, self-determined and self-evident image of people with disabilities (2003-2005), client: Integration:Österreich
  • Roomy Company – EQUAL-Project

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