Innovative Forms of Governance

Steering complex systems

© Josef Pausch

Companies and organisations have their own logic of steering. ÖAR has developed an innovative configuration model which serves as beneficial orientation for the multitude of steering possibilities. This model is more than a conventional management instrument. It distinguishes between eight logics of steering such as market, network, partnership, association, hierarchy etc.

Through participative learning processes we configurate these different logics to an integrated steering model for efficient cooperation. This enables the creation of new and productive partnerships, working groups or associations even between organisations with diverging interests.

Selected References:

  • Facilitation of process for elaboration of the Austrian Strategic Report on the implementation of EU cohesion policy 2007-2013 (since 2007), client: Office of the Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning – ÖROK
  • Organisational consultation to regional administrations, regional managements, LEADER-groups, consulting companies, environmental organisations, churches

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