Strategy and Vision Building

Look into the future

We provide consultation to companies and organisations in order to enhance their capabilities in strategy and vision building. Organisations always have a strategy – be it written down in strategy documents or emerging without explicit planning.

Strategy patterns of organisations are generally developing out of three elements:

  • their historic development
  • the dynamic of their environment
  • the specific competences of their employees

We make visible the strategic potential of organisations and support the decision making process through several workshops. We start with an analysis of relevant factors of influence outside and within the organisation. Based on this potential strategic options and a strategic positioning for the future can be developed. Subsequently we accompany the implementation of measures in daily business.

Selected References:

  • Strategy-Coaching for sectoral project Sustainable Sanitary Supply (2010), client: GTZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH
  • Strategy-Coaching Clusterland Upper Austria (2007), client: TMG Oberösterreich GmbH
  • Strategy-Coaching for various intermediary service companies

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