Management Consulting and Organisational Development

Preserve or change?

How much organisation does a region need? Regions are social spaces poised between the forces of tradition and innovation, of preservation and change. Influencing this dynamic interplay is an ambitious task. It requires building, managing and transforming institutions and developing organisations and networks. ÖAR provides consultancy services to organisations working in local and regional development. They may be

  • Local, regional, national and European administrations
  • Intermediary agencies for local and regional development
  • Business promotion agencies
  • Regional managements and technical secretariats of EU programmes
  • Urban-rural development agencies
  • LEADER managements
  • Technology and incubation centres
  • Regional cluster managements
  • Local and regional tourism organisations

The manifold and divergent interests concerning the scarce resource „space“ have to be coordinated and brought into a common strategic framework. We support the involved actors in carving out their competitive edge in the interplay of cooperation and competition between regions, in order to generate additional income, improve quality of life, increase the area’s attractiveness for tourists and other aims.

This means that besides intermediary bodies operating on issues relating to regional development and spatial planning, we also support organisations which we consider as the wellsprings of territorial innovation and prosperity:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Stakeholder and interest groups
  • Organisations of the third sector
  • Social, cultural and environmental NGOs
  • Community initiatives


Herwig Langthaler

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