Process Monitoring of Impacts

Precisely identify success factors

We have developed this innovative method to identify and monitor those factors that are crucial for the success of an intervention. This is particularly helpful in cases of long time-lags between an intervention and its effects, or when impacts will only materialize in the long run. This     monitoring approach can assist in taking appropriate short-term decisions and to detect early on if an intervention risks to depart from intended routes towards objectives.                            

Process Monitoring of Impacts connects inputs, outputs and results in a plausible and verifiable manner. We emphasize those factors, which can be directly influenced by actors responsible for an intervention.

We have applied “Process Monitoring of Impacts” at project and program level and in the framework of ex-ante and ex-post evaluations. We have also combined this innovative tool with the Balanced Scorecard technique, resulting in an indicator-based monitoring approach for steering and quality assurance.

Selected References:

  • Process Monitoring of Impacts of the Program Regional Competitiveness Styria (2007-2013, 2009-2010), Client: Provincial Government of Styria
  • Q-Regio: set of indicators for LEADER 2007-2013 for steering and quality assurance (2007), client: Austrian Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
  • Process Monitoring of Impacts of Transnational Projects (2005), various clients

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