Systemic Evaluation

Evaluation helps to find new solutions

We apply systems concepts in evaluation with the aim of strengthening the ability for problem-solving of involved stakeholders. In doing so, we promote settings for internal reflection but also provide external impulses. We never treat the evaluation subject in isolation, but always in relation with its context. When intended results have not been achieved, systemic approaches can provide valuable clues and help to identify unexpected solutions. ÖAR evaluators prefer not to be seen as “objective” assessors, but rather act as coaches, facilitators and process advisors.

We have successfully applied our expertise in evaluating EU-Structural Fund Programmes, maintaining an innovation edge here as well: We have for instance developed a form of ex-ante evaluation which is carried out in parallel – and in an interactive manner -with the preparation of a programme. In doing so, the programme actors can analyze during early stages whether their planned interventions are sound and coherent.

Selected References:

  • Ex-ante evaluation of several EU-Structural Fund Programs for the objective “Regional Competitiveness and Employment” and “European Territorial Cooperation” (2007-2013)
  • Ongoing evaluation and midterm-evaluation of the objective-2 programs Styria and Carinthia, Austria (2000-2006)
  • Ongoing evaluation and midterm-evaluation of the INTERREG IIIA programs Austria with Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary (2000-2006)
  • Evaluation of the structures of regional development in Tyrol (2004-2005)

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