Creative events

Innovative communication

Creatively planned meetings and conferences can be very moving: for example when experts speak about the future of regional development during a hiking tour in the Ötztal and the keynote speakers row to the audience in a little boat.

Hierarchy is not valid for one day, so that surprising new ways of communication emerge. Creative events activate both, the left and the right part of the participants´ brain. Logical-analytical thinking will be activated as well as intuition, curiosity and passion. Trying to find the best match to the needs of the group we use the following techniques:

  • Innovative moderation and techniques of creativity
  • Free association
  • Circular questioning
  • Role plays
  • Improvisation and much more

Creative events are excellent vehicles to foster relationships with the interested audience. A carefully designed event is an experience for all: it helps to demonstrate your market leadership, supports good market positioning, fosters customer-relations and motivates your own employees.

Selected References:

  • „Day of Networks: Innovation – Cooperation – Motivation“ (2008), client: Austrian Federal Chancellery
  • Start-up Event “Co-operation Spaces of the Interreg IIIB-follow up programs in Austria” (2007), client: Austrian Spatial Planning Conference (ÖROK)
  • Remote Congress: The Future of the Austrian Regional Policy After 2006, open-air congress in the Ötztal/Tyrol (2004), client: Austrian Federal Chancellery

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