Local and Regional Energy Concepts

On the way to become energy-autonomous

The programme of the Austrian Government aims to reduce green-gas for 20%, increase the proportion of renewal energies up to 45% and have a share of 20% of alternative fuel. The regions can contribute to these plans.

We show ways how regions can become energy-autonomous according to the national plans. We create local energy concepts treating the following chapters:

  • Sound Analysis
  • Identification of potential using potential maps
  • Definition of realistic goals (potential of energy saving, increasing the proportion of renewal energies)
  • Proposals for measures and activities
  • PR and communication work during the project (excursions, newsletters, energy forges and other)

Regional energy concepts contribute to increase the local value-added, as well as to climate protection and the quality of life in regions. At the same time the implementation of a “local energy policy” focussing on renewable energies and energy saving sharpens the regions´ specific profile, too. In the field of renewable energies the ÖAR is one of Austria´s pioneers. Already at the end of the 1980-ies consultants of the ÖAR where involved in the establishment of Austrias first biomass- and biogas facilities.

Selected References:

  • Local Energy Concept Region Elsbeere-Wienerwald (2009-2010), client: LAG Elsbeere Wienerwald
  • Local Energy Concept Kamptal-Wagram (2008-2009), client: Association Leader-region Kamptal-Wagram

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