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Nature Parks, National Parks and Biosphere Reserves

Preserving and harnessing natural beauty and resources

Nature Parks, National Parks and Biosphere Reserves are assets for local and regional development, provided the inhabitants, municipalities and companies in those areas are imbued with this idea. Natural richness and resources attended with respect and care will bring benefits to the region. We support your endeavours in the following ways:

  • Drawing up development concepts be it in the starting phase or as a strategic review
  • Culinary product development (e.g. “Nature Park Specialities”),
  • Local tourism concepts based on co-operation between tourism suppliers, involving training and coaching (e.g. for Nature Park managers and guides)
  • Designing green mobility concepts for tourism destinations,
  • Supporting inter-regional co-operation and networking
  • Consultancy services for and evaluation of large nature preservation areas

Selected References:

  • Management of the Austrian Association of Austrian Nature Parks (since 1995)
  • Creation of the brand “Austrian Nature Park Specialities” (2004-2006, 2009-2011)
  • Strategy for the Nature Park Mühlviertel, Austria (2010)
  • Evaluation and Strategy for the Nature Park Obersauer, Luxembourg (2007-2009), on behalf of the Ministry for Finances and Regional Development, Luxembourg
  • Feasibility study on the Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald, Austria (2004-2005), for the Biosphere Reserve Management Wienerwald
  • Development of tourism products in the cross-border national park region of the Inter-National Park Thayatal-Podyjí (2003-2005) 

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