Local and Regional Governance

Regions Shaping their Own Future

Regional stakeholders and local people actively take on their responsibility for local and regional development. Public and private sector and civil society organisations bundle and co-ordinate their activities for the good of the entire area. However: to what extend do the chosen structures, processes and rules correspond to the common purpose? Are the potentials of regional and local cooperation deployed? Are the processes open to all relevant stakeholders and interest groups?

The ÖAR helps to design and set up the required structures, processes and rules, well embedded in the existing implicit web of interactions. We accompany the involved actors in defining criteria for “Good Governance”: What kinds of structures, processes and rules are appropriate and useful for steering territorial development? How much participation is necessary? What is the best way to come to fruitful decisions? Our “Regional Governance Process” provides an innovative steering model for different types of regions, as for example LEADER areas or EUREGIOs.

Selected References:

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  • Study: “Extent and impact of participation in LEADER Local Action Groups (LAG) 2007 – 2013″ Client: Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (2014)
  • Feasibility study: „Micro-regions / intermunicipal co-operation in northern Burgenland)“ in association with Plan+Land. Client: LAG nordburgenland plus  (2011-2012)
  • How do regions deal with crises? An explorative study about the resilience of regions (2010), on behalf of the Austrian Federal Chancellery
  • Governance Check – Reflection of the Interactions in Structural Fund Programme Implementation (2009), on behalf of the Austrian Spatial Planning Conference (ÖROK)
  • Concept and Implementation of two international “Regional-Governance-Conferences” in Vienna (2005, 2008), on behalf of the Austrian Federal Chancellery

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