Territorial Development Concepts

Getting together to find sparking ideas: People of a region shape visions for their living space and plan projects for a prospering future

Regional Development Concepts are innovative frameworks for future action and contribute to improving territorial competitiveness. Local people and regional stakeholders join forces, harmonize their individual visions and ideas thus providing the basis for the development of projects and measures and thus contributing to a sustainable and dynamic development of the area.

We help to identify your local strengths by taking current business trends into account. We support you when planning key projects having a leverage effect on the innovative development of your region.

Selected References:

  • Supporting LEADER Local Action Groups  in  producing their Local Development Strategies for LEADER 2014-2020. Styria (Thermenland-Wechselland, Lipizzanerheimat, Hügelland östlich von Graz – Schöcklland), Burgenland (nordburgenland plus, mittelburgenland plus, südburgenland plus), Lower Austria (Kamptal, Weinviertel-Manhartsberg), Carinthia (sub-regions Südkärnten and Carnica Region Rosenthal), Tyrol (Kufstein-Umgebung – Untere Schranne – Kaiserwinkel) and  Luxemburg (Müllerthal). Clients: LAG organisations (2013-2015)
  • Vision Statements fir the Styrian regions Oststeiermark (in association with Institute for systemic development) , client: Regionalentwicklung Oststeiermark GmbH) and Graz & Graz-Umgebung (in association with regionalentwicklung.at, client: Regionalmanagement Graz & Graz-Umgebung) (2013-2014)
  • Regional thematic scenarios for theUpper Austrian regions Innviertel-Hausruck (client: Inn-Salzach-Euregio/ Regionalmanagement Innviertel-Hausruck), Mühlviertel (client: Euregio Bayrischer Wald-Böhmerwald/ Regionalmanagement Mühlviertel), Steyr-Kirchdorf (client: Regionalforum Steyr-Kirchdorf) (2013)
  • Strategic guidelines and action plan for an integrated cross-border development of the Austrian-Slovak border region. Client: Regionalmanagement Niederösterreich/ Weinviertel. (2014)
  • White Paper and master plan for inner city development. Chances and challenges for revitalising centers of small and medium sized cities. Master plans for the Styrian cities Bruck a.d. Mur, Bad Radkersburg, Hartberg. Client: Association of Austrian Towns and Cities (Österreichischer Städtebund). ÖAR was part of the „sixpack+“ consortium (2014)
  • Brand development „Schilcherland“. Developing a regional quality brand, integrating regional partners from economy, tourism, agriculture and culture. Client: LAG Schilcherland (2011-2014)
  • Local Development Strategy 5+WIR (2007), client: Region WIR
  • Vision Statement for the district of Deutschlandsberg (2007), client: Association “Wadl Deutschlandsberg”
  • Concept for the sustainable local development of the biosphere reserve Wienerwald, in cooperation with ÖIR and FUTOUR (2005), client: REV NÖ-Mittel, Biosphere Management
  • Local Economic Development Concept for the area Linz/Linz-Land (2004-2005), client: Provincial Government of Upper Austria
  • Regional Development Concepts – perspectives for the main regions NÖ-Mitte and Industrieviertel (2004-2005), client: Provincial Government of Lower Austria
  • GesiR – Gender Sensitive Local Development in Lower Austria (2003-2005), client: Austrian Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth

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