Local and Regional Development

„The definition of regions builds on two kinds of momentum: tradition and experiment.” Boris Perič, novelist, Zagreb

Local and regional development emerges from innumerable individual activities, pursued by many actors in business, politics, public administration, stakeholder groups, local initiatives and non-governmental organisations, pursuing a plethora of different, often contradictory targets, be they private profit, social justice, cultural enrichment or environmental protection. The ÖAR considers them as resources and drivers which can be harnessed – if wisely balanced and interrelated – for the common good: the development of their region.

We link political and strategic objectives with the needs and aspirations of citizens. We accompany them in change processes which eventually shall lead to economic prosperity, peaceful relationships and a healthy biosphere. To make this possible, we contribute to

  • shaping local and regional development strategies
  • building regional networks
  • valorising local and regional resources
  • establishing local and regional quality labels and brands
  • strengthening regional competitiveness

We provide know-how for making use of structural funds and regional development programmes co-funded by the EU according to the requirements of public authorities, the private sector and civil society. We support integrated and participative planning, decision making and evaluation. Drawing on our long-standing international experience we shortcut avoidable loops and pave the paths for our clients in easy and obvious ways: for the obvious is often hard to detect.


Luis Fidlschuster

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